Provisioning and revoking access made in clicks!

How does it work

Avoide shadow IT

Find and track all the apps being used in your company.

Figure out which Apps are accessing your company Data and take an action.

Onboarding new emplyoees.

Provisioning or revoking access could be a nightmare, while clicking. 

Why to click if there is an API? Onboring saves you the Oauth hustle and offer you the ability to build workflows and onboard automatically.

Enrolling employees in workflows done in Slack.

No need to waste time using other apps, our Slack app will notify you once an employee is joining your company. And not only that, enrolling employees in workflow can be done right in Slack! 

The tool to manage your admin tasks.

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The office mom (Beta)

Start boosting your access management to the next level


for small teams to master the game from the beginning.

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