Say good buy to manual onboarding 👋🏽

Onboard new employees right from Slack.

By using our App for Slack, you will be able to onboard new employees within two clicks by choosing in which workflow tehmplate .

How does it work?

1. Onboring notify you.

Once a new employee has been created in onboring, you will receive a Slack message.

2. Choose the workflow temoplate

By choosing the workflow template, as well as the group where the employee should belong to. Onboring will enroll this employee in the chosen workflow. 

How to add our App for Slack.

1. After logging in to onboring

  1. Use the navigation menu to go to integrations.
  2. Choose ‘Slack’ 
  3. Select Activate.  
  4. Then the authorization will kick off. 
  5. In the window asking about permitting on boring to access your Slack workspace, click  allow.

Tadaaa 🤯 employee has been onboarded.