The ultimate tool to manage your SaaS subscriptions.

Over 300 apps

How does it work

Onboring is your platform to manage the access for all the SaaS tools you have.


Managing assets for employees can be easy, just like a salad 🥗

Needs and requirements of your employees changes with the time consistently.Does Hannah need a new mouse? or Jeff decided to quit the sport membership? No big deal, this can go in clicks 😁

Onboarding new emplyoees


Have an overview on assets status, which Laptop are occupied or free to be used.
Onboarding new employees requires a lot of work, especially when it comes to assigning the right assets to the right person.

Offboarding employees


Be 100% on which Assets is assigned to which employee.
No forgetting to get the laptop’s charger cable anymore. 🤓
Managing a big number of employees that owns different Assets can be tough, remembering if Suzy has received a charging cable or an extra sim-card can be challenging.


The tool to manage your admin tasks.

Try it today for free.

The office mom

Start boosting your access management to the next level


for small teams to master the game from the beginning.

The officer

For the officers who want to go beyond

€ 2

per employee
billed monthly

Say good bay to struggle while tracking the spending of each SaaS tool your coworkers are using. 

No struggle to manage the access of your SaaS tools anymore! 

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